This three month transformational coaching program for women will empower you to take the next evolutionary leap in your life into authenticity, fulfilment and self-determination. I help you step into your full power and offer your unique contributions to what you care most about. My commitment is to grow a network of empowered sisters into a sisterhood they can count on.


My experience working with amazing women is that there are many historical, cultural, societal and familial headwinds that hold women back, keep them from recognizing their full power and lock them into stories of “not enough” or “too much” that no longer serve them.  The patriarchal system has also kept women from fully standing with and for each other in our power, our beauty, our ambitions and our dreams. This program is designed to transform that – to allow you to discover a new story about yourself, get clear about your unique destiny and equip you to step fully into the next chapter of your life.

I am committed to support, empower and nourish you in a container of deep relatedness that will give you the opportunity to:

  • Experience a new level of clarity, power and effectiveness in every area of your life
  • Clear away obstacles and limiting beliefs that have held you back
  • Connect with your authentic vision
  • Take meaningful action
  • Develop trust and confidence in yourself 


  • 8 one-on-one coaching calls with me 
  • Support between calls within 24h
  • Access to our library of tools and insights (boundaries, self-care, mindset, mindfulness etc.) 
  • Weekly empowerment messages 
  • Access to our private Facebook group of empowering and supportive women
  • Access to recorded workshop on how to get unstuck 

In a first free call, we will talk about your challenges and goals and together choose if this is the right program for you. I have designed our conversation about the program with you to be valuable whether or not we will end up working together. 

The first step is to complete our Inquiry Form and I will get back to you:
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Thank you very much for the coaching! I really enjoyed it and it helped me to find clarity very quickly about what I was actually looking for and to proceed in a structured and goal-oriented way to get there: Creating my own business, here I can finally fully use my skills and passion! 

Psychologist, 32


At first it was hard for me to imagine working out the solution from within MYSELF. I had all these fears and beliefs that stood in my way. That I couldn't do it, that I wasn't enough.
Over time, however, I realized that coaching actually works. Facing my fears with your support and developing confidence in myself was a major turning point in my life. With a concrete plan in my pocket, I left my old job that wasn't fulfilling me and finally ventured into self-employment! 

Thanks for helping me help myself! 🙂

Nutrition Consultant, 28


For years I had planned to write a book about the language of body and soul - I imagined it to be like climbing Mount Everest, with all my demands, way too much luggage and fear to fail, not to make it. And then rather to leave it alone...

The coaching with Alisa turned Mount Everest into a mountain in the foothills of the Alps, made my backpack easy to carry, and my fear of failure quickly dissolved at the sight of walkable distances and "altitude meters" to be covered.

Sensitive questions, a great understanding of my personal possibilities, loving inquiries and the elaboration of very concrete, realizable smaller goals on the "way to the summit" as well as encouragement again and again have led to what is now printed. And in the process I have never received "advice", but on the contrary suggestions on how I can shape it from within myself, which has opened unimagined doors to my own potentials! A heartfelt thank you for this and hereby the heartfelt recommendation to make use of such competent, integral support - as it says in the video "Coaching, why not?!"

General Physician (MD), 66