This 12-week coaching program is designed to help you find an aligned and fulfilling career direction and live your true authenticity.




My experience has shown me that there are many societal and familial expectations and standards that prevent us from recognizing our own power and finding and walking our own path. This can lead to feeling lost, unhappy, stuck and disoriented. Our program is designed to help you discover who you really are, what matters most to you, and how you can live a fulfilling life on your own terms.

It's never too late to find your own path! Our aim is to accompany you on this path, to provide you with tools and support and to help you reconnect with your inner self. You deserve a life that matches your own values, dreams and desires.



  • a new level of clarity, power and effectiveness in every area of your life
  • get to know and develop your strengths and resources 
  • clear away obstacles and limiting beliefs that have held you back
  • connect with your authentic vision
  • take meaningful action
  • develop trust and confidence in yourself



  • 12 weeks of close support in achieving your personal goals
  • 8 personalized 1-on-1 live coaching calls with me (online)
  • support between calls within 24 hours via Messenger (WhatsApp)
  • access to recorded workshop on how to get unstuck
  • Add-on option: App-supported, neuroscience-based PQ® Mental Fitness Program, that helps you recognize and stop your self-sabotage (25% discount)


Without PQ® Mental Fitness Program: €1600 
With the help of our PQ® Mental Fitness Program add-on (including 25% discount): Total cost: €2300 

In a first free call, we will talk about your challenges and goals and together choose if this is the right program for you. Book you call here:


Coach & Mentor

Alisa became my coach and mentor last year when I was looking for someone who would help me along my journey.
I felt an immediate connection with her which we cherish until this day. I could feel her genuine interest in my personal and entrepreneurial story from the beginning and I felt extremely well supported throughout the process. Her professional skills paired with a great portion of empathy, dedication and curiosity is what has helped me take my business to the next level.
She even offered her support in between our calls and made sure we would both celebrate my progress as much as possible.
Alisa has this unique ability that made me feel like she is not only here to support me as a coach but also as a friend who is truly interested in seeing me succeed. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for that particular combination or simply someone who is ready to go the extra mile with you. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would do so again.
Thanks, Alisa! (-:

Entrepreneur, Psychologist

Book & Professional Re-orientation

I have used Alisa's coaching services on different occasions over the last years: The first time for the conception, writing and publishing of a book I had wanted to write for a long time. The second time for a personal professional reorientation. Each time, Alisa met me exactly where I was and I felt very well understood, seen and supported. She asked smart questions that led me to new solutions from within myself. She was reliably available and an appreciative, enriching, inspiring counterpart. Her profound knowledge and the tools she provided gave me security and courage for my project and guaranteed implementation. I can only heartily recommend her to everyone and encourage everyone to afford this professional, transformative and compassionate support.

General Physician (MD), Mediator, Psychotherapist

Clarity & Roadmap

Thank you very much for the coaching! I really enjoyed it and it helped me to find clarity very quickly about what I was actually looking for and to proceed in a structured and goal-oriented way to get there: Creating my own business, here I can finally fully use my skills and passion!


Self-Employment & Empowerment

At first it was hard for me to imagine working out the solution from within MYSELF. I had all these fears and beliefs that stood in my way. That I couldn't do it, that I wasn't enough.
Over time, however, I realized that coaching actually works. Facing my fears with your support and developing confidence in myself was a major turning point in my life. With a concrete plan in my pocket, I left my old job that wasn't fulfilling me and finally ventured into self-employment!
Thanks for helping me help myself!

Nutrition Consultant

Professional Team-Coaching

Dear Alisa,

vielen Dank für die superschnelle Erstellung einer klaren und anschaulichen Dokumentation unserer gestrigen intensiven Arbeit. Das ist eine sehr konkrete und inspirierende Arbeitsgrundlage! Und nochmals ein herzliches Dankeschön für Dein sehr professionelles Coaching. Ich werde dich gerne weiter empfehlen, wenn entsprechende Anfragen kommen 🙂


Holistic Coach

The coaching with Alisa was very enriching for many aspects of my life. The best aspect for me was to realize the sum of assets and achievements I’ve already accomplished til now and how beneficial clear goal setting is in all areas of life. What I also enjoyed was Alisa’s very structured but still flexible and personal approach plus the number of tools she provided. If anybody is looking for a holistic coach to solve questions regarding personal or professional life, I can highly recommend Alisa.

Lead Brand Strategy Consultant