We are two passionate psychologists
Who help you
Step into your own power.
The world needs you.

We are all in a constant process of change.
The question is - how do we deal with it?
Do we just react to what happens to us, or do we become active participants and co-creators of life?
What (unconscious) beliefs and fears keep us from creating the life we actually want?


If you're tired of being stuck in old patterns and are ready to consciously change yourself and your life, you've come to the right place. Schedule a complimentary call with us to experience your first breakthrough.



In our coaching we give you the time, the space and the tools to take ownership of your life, to be inspired by your dreams and to work out the path to get there.

You learn to trust yourself again and transform your life based on your values. The self-management and personal growth skills you learn in coaching, can be applied to current and future life situations. Scientific Studies have reliably confirmed the effectiveness of our coaching program. 

Get started with our transformational program:

  • customized coaching sessions
  • app-based, scientifically evaluated mental fitness training to support your process
  • access to our library of insight and tools
  • supervision and support between coaching sessions. We have your back!

In a free and non-binding first meeting we can clarify together which coaching format is the right one for you and if we are the right Coachs for you. Only if the trust is right it makes sense to embark on the adventure together. Contact us:


What Will You Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

I have asked myself this question again and again and have found my answer right here: To support people from all over the world in finding their own personal path and to honor their uniqueness, with all their needs, fears and dreams. 

Alisa Gunzelmann: psychologist (Master of Science) & coach (University of Salzburg), mindfulness meditation teacher (Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley), globetrotter, facilitator and sustainability advocate. Work experience in clinical psychology, research and marketing. Currently lives part time in the US and part time in Germany.

Book your complimentary Breakthrough Call with me to create clarity:
Where you are, where you want to go, what is really possible. Whether we decide to work together or not, this call alone can already be the deciding factor for the change you are striving for.
I am looking forward to meeting you! 

What motivates you? What are your goals?

When Alisa pitched this idea of a coaching concept to me in 2020, I was immediately hooked.  

Our vision to inspire people to greater creative potential through self-knowledge began to take shape from that moment on.

Stephanie Fellner: Currently working in the field of Human Resource & Talent Acquisition, talks to people from all over the world about their motivation, their professional goals and supports managers in decision making processes. She is a psychologist (Master of Science) & Coach (University of Salzburg).


Thank you very much for the coaching! I really enjoyed it and it helped me to find clarity very quickly about what I was actually looking for and to proceed in a structured and goal-oriented way to get there: Creating my own business, here I can finally fully use my skills and passion! 

Psychologist, 32

At first it was hard for me to imagine working out the solution from within MYSELF. I had all these fears and beliefs that stood in my way. That I couldn't do it, that I wasn't enough.
Over time, however, I realized that coaching actually works. Facing my fears with your support and developing confidence in myself was a major turning point in my life. With a concrete plan in my pocket, I left my old job that wasn't fulfilling me and finally ventured into self-employment! 

Thanks for helping me help myself! 🙂

Nutrition Consultant, 28

For years I had planned to write a book about the language of body and soul - I imagined it to be like climbing Mount Everest, with all my demands, way too much luggage and fear to fail, not to make it. And then rather to leave it alone...

The coaching with Alisa turned Mount Everest into a mountain in the foothills of the Alps, made my backpack easy to carry, and my fear of failure quickly dissolved at the sight of walkable distances and "altitude meters" to be covered.

Sensitive questions, a great understanding of my personal possibilities, loving inquiries and the elaboration of very concrete, realizable smaller goals on the "way to the summit" as well as encouragement again and again have led to what is now printed. And in the process I have never received "advice", but on the contrary suggestions on how I can shape it from within myself, which has opened unimagined doors to my own potentials! A heartfelt thank you for this and hereby the heartfelt recommendation to make use of such competent, integral support - as it says in the video "Coaching, why not?!"

General Physician (MD), 66


How we want to change the status quo.

More and more people feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of global developments and crises.
Resignation, hopelessness and fear of the future are understandably very present and affect our quality of life, our imagination and our ability to act.

We want to change that by providing spaces for regeneration, inspiration, exchange and collaboration.

Our vision is a social, just and life-sustaining future for all. Based on collaboration and community, where all are valued in their uniqueness, where work brings meaning and joy again, where there is time and space for regeneration, exploration and creativity.

Sounds utopian? Perhaps it is. But it gives us a direction on how we can live every day in small ways what we want to see in the world on a larger scale.

We cannot predict or control the future, but we can start to co-create it today.

We have identified three processes that help to reconnect to the creative flow of inspiration and design. Based on these, we have developed the so-called REC Model of Transformation REC-model for regenerative transformation :

Reconnect I Explore I Co-Create


To realize this vision of a future worth living for all we need every single one of you! Therefore, we are happy about cooperation, collaboration and support and provide spaces, knowledge, experience and tools for it!

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Be the change you want to see happen.
Arleen Laurence