We cannot predict or control the future, but we can start to co-create it today.
Dafür möchten wir Räume für Regeneration, Inspiration, Austausch und Zusammenarbeit bereit stellen.

Was ist Mindfulness? Mindfulnessmeditation stammt ursprünglich aus dem Buddhismus. Der Psychiater Jon Kabat Zinn hatte während eines Vipassana Retreats in den 70ern die Idee daraus

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Few things are as fundamental to us as our mindset. It determines our development - how we learn, what goals we set for ourselves, how we approach challenges and problems.

When it comes goal setting, each new year presents a new opportunity to bring us at least a temporary boost of willpower. But how do we maintain it in the long term?

A helpful tool for orientation that we like to use in coaching is the Japanese philosophy of life "Ikigai" (jap. 生き甲斐 meaning of life). Loosely translated "that which is worth living for".

You will see how this daily routine will, over time, give you more and more freedom for other things that are important to you. You will become more and more aware of what bothers you and what is important to you.

A good relationship with ourselves is also the best basis for more fulfilling relationships with our fellow human beings and our environment