Re-gnosis I The Coaching Concept
Alisa Gunzelmann, Master of Science Psychologie, Coach & Stephanie Fellner, Master of Science Psychologie, Coach



“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung 

Gnosis comes from the ancient Greek word γνῶσις gnō̂sis "insight", "knowledge" or "knowing", Re-gnosis thus means returning to insight, the inner (through self-experience and Mindfulness) and outer knowing (scientific knowledge).  

This process starts with self-knowledge.

This opens up a playing field of unimagined possibilities for creativity, collaboration and co-creation.

If we are aware of what we really want and believe that it is possible, we will align our actions with it and can thus actively co-create the future we imagine.

Through knowledge transfer, workshops, mindfulness, as well as coaching for individuals and companies, we accompany you on this inspiring, ever-evolving journey.



Neuroscience I Positive Psychology I Systems Theory I Mindfulness and Meditation Approached I IFS (Internal Family Systems) 



Openness I Openness I Authenticity I Self-Empowerment I Community



Our vision is a social, just and life-sustaining future for all. Based on collaboration and community, where all are valued in their uniqueness, where work brings meaning and joy again, where there is time and space for regeneration, exploration and creativity.
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