Re-gnosis I The Coaching Concept
Alisa Gunzelmann, Master of Science Psychologie, Coach & Stephanie Fellner, Master of Science Psychologie, Coach


Why Re-gnosis?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
Carl Jung 

Gnosis comes from the ancient Greek word γνῶσις gnō̂sis "insight", "knowledge" or "knowing", Re-gnosis thus means returning to insight, the inner (through self-experience and Mindfulness) and outer knowing (scientific knowledge).  

This process starts with self-knowledge.

This opens up a playing field of unimagined possibilities for creativity, collaboration and co-creation.

If we are aware of what we really want and believe that it is possible, we will align our actions with it and can thus actively co-create the future we imagine.

Through knowledge transfer, workshops, mindfulness, as well as coaching for individuals and companies, we accompany you on this inspiring, ever-evolving journey.



What Will You Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

I have asked myself this question again and again and have found my answer right here: To support people in finding their own personal path and to honor their uniqueness, with all their needs, fears and dreams. 

I completed my Master's degree in Psychology (Master of Science) with a focus on social interaction in society and economy in 2016 at the University of Salzburg. At the same time I completed the university course to become a coach. At the moment I am also in training to become a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at the Greater Good Science Center of the University of Berkeley, California.

Before founding Re-gnosis Coaching, I worked in the clinical and health care sector, in the social sector, in science and in the free economy.

Since 2019 I live as a digital nomad mainly in Germany and the USA.


When Alisa pitched her idea of a coaching concept to me in 2020, I was immediately hooked.  

Our vision to inspire people to greater creative potential through self-knowledge began to take shape from that moment on.

I am currently working in HR, more specifically in Talent Acquisition, talking to people from all over the world about their motivation, their professional goals and supporting managers in decision-making processes. Since completing my psychology degree (Master of Science) and my coaching training, I have been working in the private sector at the interface of corporate culture, leadership and talent.

Informed by

Neuroscience I Positive Psychology I Systems Theory I Integral Theory by Ken Wilber I Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall B. Rosenberg I Mindfulness and meditation approaches I IFS (Internal Family Systems) I Graves Values System Model (GVS)/ Spiral Dynamics


Openness I Compassion I Authenticity I Self-Empowerment I Community