In a hectic world of constant change and challenge, mental fitness becomes a critical factor in personal well-being, success and resilience. Strengthening your mental fitness will enable you to implement sustainable positive change, stop self-sabotage, better manage stress, make more effective decisions, and live a more fulfilling life.



This program is for anyone who wants to increase their emotional well-being, change their thought patterns, and take their performance to a new, more satisfying level. Whether you're pursuing professional goals, overcoming personal challenges, or simply curious about reaching your full potential, this program will provide you with the tools and insights you need.
Please note: The program is supported by an app that is only available in English, for this reason English skills are a prerequisite.



  • Positive Intelligence Approach: The program is based on proven concepts and research findings from Positive Psychology, including mindfulness and self-compassion, neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy with the goal of strengthening your self-regulation and overcoming adverse thought and behavioral patterns.

  • Holistic Approach: Our program goes beyond the symptom level and focuses on addressing the roots of stress and negative thinking. It acts like an operating system update for your brain by changing obstructive thought patterns and brain activation - away from stress mode towards more resources, capacity and more helpful thought patterns.

  • Daily Practice & Weekly Focus: Through daily, app-guided exercises, you'll build mental muscle and develop new habits. Weekly in-depth videos inspire you to practice and deepen your understanding throughout the week.

  • Measurable progress: Get instant feedback on your progress in building the 3 most important muscles of mental fitness. Changes in brain connectivity are visible on MRI after just 8 weeks.

  • Community support: Research shows that social support is essential to establishing sustainable positive thinking habits. In 8 weekly sessions, we share experiences, discuss goals, and support each other. The sessions take place online..



  • Dates: 8 sessions in German or English (depending on the composition of the participants), dates by arrangement. 
  • Meet like-minded people and share ideas to strengthen your progress.
  • Small groups with a maximum of 5 participants
  • Get to know your personal "saboteurs", as well as tools to increase your mental fitness
  • Put all this into practice with Alisa's expert guidance


Total price: €1300

(Positive Intelligence App Program: €950 // Weekly group coaching support via Zoom (8x) & continuous support via WhatsApp and email: €350)


Increase your mental fitness and discover how to take control of your life and unlock your full potential. Join our program today and create a happier, more fulfilling future for yourself. For more information on mental fitness, go to our article.

You are interested in or have questions about the program?
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Alisa Gunzelmann (M.Sc.)
Psychologists, Holistic Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


Calm & Control

After my initial skepticism that an app could put my thoughts on the right track, give me more serenity and calm, and reduce anxiety, I had a very pleasant and motivating conversation with Alisa, which convinced me. 
After a very short time after signing up, I was already immersed in the subject, knew my so-called "saboteurs" that were making me weak and got to know the strengthening, calm and serene so-called "sage". The course was embedded in a binding schedule, accompanied by weekly instructive video impulses, my familiar chat group and a weekly virtual meeting in which experiences and approaches were discussed openly. 
Mindfulness exercises were offered several times a day, which became an indispensable partner for me in learning to be more calm, more relaxed and more confident.
They playfully appeal to all the different senses, such as hearing, touching, seeing and breathing. I can schedule the training sessions and use them where and when I want or need them. 
Even after completing the 6-week course, these exercises, like the entire app, remain accessible. Every evening there is a self-reflection that invites you to answer a few questions about what you have learned. 
Personally, I have learned that PQ Reps strengthen my power, reorganize my mind and how to retrieve my thoughts when they wander and scent unnecessary dangers and cause unrest.
The course is highly recommended, fun, extremely entertaining, very instructive and easy to put into practice immediately.

Lasting change

For me, this program is the first concept with which change can really succeed and be implemented permanently in everyday life. Although I was familiar with the individual "components" of the program for professional reasons (mindfulness, self-compassion, stress patterns, neuroscientific background), the combination of everything made an amazing process possible for me. The daily support via the PQ app with the 2min exercises plus the respective encouraging feedback, the helpful and loving support through the weekly coaching sessions in the group with Alisa and the explanatory Saturday videos by Shirzad Chamine are easy to integrate into everyday life. And I increasingly enjoyed doing more than just what was necessary.

It was gratifying to better recognize and classify my saboteurs and to use my Sage skills more consciously. It is helpful that the program is still available after the 6 weeks or that there is a further "Grow". I have been supported in this way for six months and I am now sure that I have "learned" it and won't fall back into old patterns. I love the freedom to play with the skills I have learned and the opportunity to apply these tools to all areas of life (stress, conflict, self-development, leadership, etc.). I can only recommend the program!

General Physician (MD), Mediator, Psychotherapist

Change deep limiting beliefs

I first heard about "Positive Intelligence" (PQ) from my mindfulness meditation teacher, Alisa, who has been leading our group for years. I know she is not the person to get involved with programs/methods unless they are legitimate and substantial.
I decided to take part because my life was out of balance, or rather, I was quite unhappy, felt trapped in my circumstances, friendships had become difficult and I didn't know how to turn this around.
Now, after only 3 weeks out of a total of 7 weeks, I am fascinated, surprised, sometimes challenged, sometimes happy. I am learning about my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings and my reactions. The exercises and teachings of the program have taken away the power and manipulation of the saboteurs. I feel such relief that I am able to change long-standing beliefs and habits to live my life without stress and unhappiness.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful and nurturing PQ program.


Spürbare Verbesserung

The Positive Intelligence program has noticeably improved my everyday life. When I am overwhelmed by negative emotions and thoughts, the app offers me great support and makes it easier for me to deal with my saboteurs. 
A clear recommendation to everyone!

PQ - enables you to move from self-sabotaging to thriving as modus operandi

When I was first introduced to ‘PQ - Positive Intelligence’ in the context of a mindfulness workshop conducted by Alisa, I was skeptical on how an App-based program could really build the momentum for lasting change. And, at the same time, I was curious to put myself through the experience. And, boy, am I glad I did! The PQ program has been very mindfully crafted by Shirzad Chamine incorporating the wisdom from the latest research in relevant areas of expertise, such as neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology, performance science, as well as his vast personal experience and insights from many years of working with coaching clients from all walks of life which helped Shirzad in developing a deep understanding on how the human mind works.
The course takes you by the hand and breaks the curriculum down into baby-steps that can easily be integrated into your daily routines. It offers a great mix of background information and action steps geared towards developing and integrating new habits of operating your conscious mind. Shirzad motivates and cheers you on so that it is fun and rewarding to stick with the curriculum. Thus over the course of the program it becomes easier and more and more natural for you to identify when your mind is running on auto-pilot producing more of the real-life results that you no longer want to see manifesting because they do not serve you in creating the life that you truly wish for vs. when you are creating life experiences from Sage mode with much more beneficial and rewarding outcomes.
By the end of the program you have developed a pretty good feel for when you are in Saboteur vs. Sage mode and how to consciously opt for “thriving” vs. “surviving”.
Favorable by-products of PQ: deep breathing, more relaxed vagal system, overall trend towards expansion vs. contraction, better choices.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use tool which offers a path towards lasting change in upgrading your live experience on all three levels (mental - emotional - physical) - a PQ coaching with Alisa would be a great choice to invest in yourself.

The weekly POD meetings throughout the program hosted and moderated by Alisa offer valuable additional insights gained from a well-structured exchange amongst fellow PQ-students, supported by Alisa’s passionate and professional coaching expertise.