Take yourself on a date.

While we consciously cultivate relationships with our friends, family and partner, we often completely ignore the most important relationship in our lives: The relationship to ourselves.


We do not give ourselves the attention that we give to others as a matter of course. When we are alone with ourselves, we often distract ourselves with videos, food, social media or other activities. One might think we are fleeing from ourselves.


But a good relationship with ourselves is the best basis for more fulfilling relationships with our fellow human beings and our environment.

Besides mindfulness and meditation, there is another way to relate to ourselves, which is also quite fun:

Date yourself! A good relationship needs regular attention and care - so why not make it a weekly date?


It is as simple as that:

Reserve a period of time each week that you will not miss or postpone. Start taking yourself seriously!

The only rule here is: Do not bring anyone else on your date but yourself. Do not spare any effort.

Ask yourself what you would like to do: an adventure in nature, a visit to the theater, a concert, a special meal (home-cooked or in a restaurant of your choice), dancing, acting or a city trip. There are no limits to your creativity. You always wanted to get engaged? What are you waiting for - just make the proposal you always wanted yourself.

In the beginning it can help to imagine that you are planning a date for your partner.


You will discover completely new sides to yourself and be surprised how little you actually know yourself. High time to change that and get to know you better...