Create your own ritual.

Rituals bring order and structure into our lives. They give us a sense of security and give meaning to the activities we perform during the ritual.


In the past, religion took over this function. Today, however, religion has less and less influence, especially in the western world. However, the increasing freedom from authority and indoctrination, whether religious, cultural or political, leaves a gap.


So how can we preserve our newly won freedom and still maintain a sense of security and meaning?

The answer is: rituals. They have a calming effect on our nervous system and create capacity to cope with the inevitable challenges of our lives.

The good news is that you don't need incense or your own altar for this. You can simply choose your own ritual from the activities you already do every day. For example, your daily morning coffee or tea.


How to turn this habit into a ritual?

Here is the key: Attention, awareness, mindfulness and appreciation. For example, when you make your coffee, you consciously carry out each step - from preparation to drinking - and pay attention to all your senses: the smell, the warmth, the taste, the texture, etc.


While habits by definition are relatively automatic, your ritual acts as a kind of mindfulness cue. It brings you into the here and now and thus frees you for a moment from the endless loop of thoughts and worries about the future and past.


Showering is another invitation. When did you last consciously perceive what it feels like when the warm drops of water run over your skin? How good it feels to be clean? It is these seemingly meaningless, small moments that make our lives richer every day if we only consciously perceive and cultivate them.