Dear Mindfulness Teachers, Colleagues and Friends,

We are delighted to announce the first in-person residential retreat and community gathering of MMTCP Alumni in Europe, taking place this summer July 7–11 at “Hof Integra”, a peaceful rural refuge in the South of Germany.

As fellow MMTCP graduates, we belong to a vibrant and diverse community of dedicated mindfulness practitioners that follow the profound calling of cultivating and spreading the transformational seeds of compassionate awareness. The Alumni Community Gathering in Europe is a precious opportunity to celebrate, deepen and enrich our journey together.

We will have the chance to connect face to face and share stories, insights and skills; come together in silent meditation and mindful movement; exchange vulnerability in safe and supportive spaces; encourage collaborations and budding projects; participate in simple rituals that open us to personal and collective growth and healing. We know and honour that each of us has a rich background and brings along valuable competences and abilities. We would love to learn from each other, so we wholeheartedly invite you to offer a workshop about what moves and inspires you, facilitate a thematic gathering or lead an embodied ritual.

You are warmly welcome to show up with all the radiant colours and beautiful shades of your being. Join us in the vision of holding together the flame of awakening and spirit of compassion alive and thriving!

With joyful gratitude,

Robert and Alisa

P.S. Please support us in spreading the word about our reunion to all the MMTCP alumni in Europe that we could not yet reach by sharing this invitation with your former mentor groups, various peer groups that you have participated in, and other contacts within the MMTCP community you might have. A heart-felt “Thank you”.

Click here to fill in the Registration Form, check out the Retreat Website, like and share the Facebook Event.


The Community Gathering will be hosted by the family-owned and hospitable retreat center Hof Integra surrounded by the beautiful nature reserve of Bavaria in the South of Germany. Hof Integra is situated about 1–2 hours by car and 3–4 hours by public transport from the international airports of Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg. The exact address to search on a map or navigation app is Maienbergstraße 12, 86424 Dinkelscherben, Germany. Further instructions about how to get there will be provided after registration.


You are welcome to come to Hof Integra on July 7th from 3 pm to check in and get settled. We will start together with the opening ceremony, after dinner, at 8 pm. The farewell ceremony will take place on our last evening together, and we will part ways after lunch on July, 11th from 2 pm. It is possible to arrive at Hof Integra one day in advance and spend the night there, if that works better with your travel arrangements.


The cost of the retreat consists of a retreat fee (paid in advance to fully register) and an accommodation fee (paid on arrival at Hof Integra). 

Retreat fee: It is our deepest intention to make this retreat accessible to people with a wide range of financial means, which is why we are offering reasonable pricing and a sliding scale for covering the retreat fee: Benefactor: €235, Regular: €155 and Budget: €95. There is a limited number of budget places and their availability depends directly on the generosity of benefactors to support the shared well-being of our European Alumni Community, not only for making this retreat possible for everyone, but also for organizing future projects. The retreat fee will be paid in advance to finalize the registration. 

Accommodation fee: This includes your preferred sleeping arrangement for all 4 nights of the retreat, full board with 3 healthy and nutritious vegetarian or vegan meals per day, warm drinks and snacks throughout the day, and the cost of renting facilities and equipment. The rates vary depending on the preferred sleeping arrangement: Single Room: €368, Double Room: €308, Triple Room: €288, Own tent or camper: €228. You may check out the range of guest rooms on the webpage of Hof Integra. The accommodation fee will be paid on arrival, during the check-in at Hof Integra.


Please first complete the registration form. You will then receive a confirmation email with the paying information within 3 days. Once you have paid the retreat fee, you have successfully registered, and your place is reserved. There are limited places available for this retreat due to the hosting capacity of Hof Integra. 


We are curious to see what makes you come alive, what you are passionate about, what opens your heart and adds a few extra heartbeats. Step into the spotlight and share your passion with the community! As a token of appreciation, you will receive a €35 discount off the retreat fee. Send us a brief description in 1-2 paragraphs to We will see together how your concept fits into the retreat program.


We have created the European Alumni Community on the Sangha page of the MMTCP Alumni Association as a useful online communication platform that complements our in-person residential retreat and community gathering. Join us there to stay in touch and collaborate on future projects.


This MMTCP Alumni Community Gathering has no direct affiliation with MMTCP or Sounds True, although we have received kind and generous blessings from Jack and Tara, as well as James Baraz (board advisor) and Paru Desai (co-executive director) of the MMTCP Alumni Association.


Retreat fee: Once you are fully registered, you may request to sign out of the retreat anytime by writing an email to for a cancellation fee of €95. The refund will be reimbursed using your original payment modality, excluding any transaction fees.

Accommodation fee: If you sign out within the last 7 days before the start of the retreat, then you are required to pay to Hof Integra a cancellation fee of 50% of your chosen sleeping arrangement.


We are two fresh MMTCP graduates from the 2023 cohort living in Germany that have had the good fortune to get to know each other in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) peer group. Since then, we have had the opportunity to meet in person on a couple of occasions, despite the close to 400 km separating our home bases. These informal get-togethers have been so beneficial and nourishing, that they have inspired us to dream of an MMTCP Alumni Community Gathering in Europe.

ROBERT GLAVAN (Heidelberg, Germany),

Robert has started on a path of science by exploring the building blocks of life in the field of molecular biology, only to eventually realize that what is profoundly meaningful is studying the scientist, himself — the subject of experience. He has since passionately explored the inner workings of the mind and what it means to live an examined life both in Western and Eastern philosophical, psychological and mystical traditions. Through meditation, contemplation and experimentation, it has become apparent that all these systems of thought and practice converge in what may be referred to as non-duality — the natural peaceful harmony of what is. He has since taken the roles of systemic coach, conflict mediator and mindfulness teacher with the vision to co-create spaces of meaningful growth and belonging that bring us closer to ourselves and to each other.

ALISA GUNZELMANN (Munich, Germany),

Alisa is a psychologist (Master of Science), holistic coach, mindfulness teacher and facilitator. Her mission is to help purpose-driven individuals and teams who want to make a difference to authentically grow, thrive and create the life their heart knows is possible. 
Her expertise and passion lies in sustainability and transformation towards a life-affirming future for all.
She feels a strong calling to enable other people to wake up to their true nature and purpose. She believes this is our next evolutionary leap as individuals and as a species towards healing, authenticity and fulfillment.