Discover your Ikigai.

Are you looking for more meaning and purpose in your everyday life?

A helpful tool for orientation that we like to use in coaching is the Japanese philosophy of life "Ikigai" (jap. 生き甲斐 meaning of life). Loosely translated "that which is worth living for" or also "having something worth getting up for in the morning".

The basis of Ikigai is formed by 5 pillars:

  • start small
  • release yourself
  • harmony and sustainability
  • the joy of little things
  • living in the here and now

We all have our very own, beautiful Ikigai. We will gladly support and accompany you on your way with the help of our Coaching Programm .

Pillar 1: start small

You have big plans or ideas, but you haven't implemented them yet?

This is where the first pillar comes into play: Start small, step by step, with openness and curiosity.

We often only see the perfect product and rarely the long way to get there. Every successful venture once started with a first small step.

Pillar 2: release yourself

The second pillar of Ikigai goes hand in hand with mindfulness and being in the here-and-now.

In coaching, we look at the parts of our self-concept that stand in the way of our well-being. Learn to release yourself.

Learn to release yourself.

Pillar 3: harmony and sustainability

Humans are like a forest - individuals, yet connected and dependent on others for their growth. Harmony & Sustainability - the third pillar of Ikigai points out that in the long-term, we can only survive in harmony with our environment.

Developing our goals and needs in harmony with our environment reduces stress, instability and unnecessary conflict.

Reconnect to yourself, others and nature.

Pillar 4: the joy of little things

We often focus on big events and milestones, forgetting the "little" joys of our lives that make our lives worth living. The fourth pillar of Ikigiai, the joy of little things, is also related to mind(& heart)fulness.

When was the last time you consciously enjoyed your coffee or tea? Noticed the bird on the tree outside your window? What sparks joy in your life?

Pillar 5: living in the here and now

Living in the here and now is a high art. Ken Mogi, japanese neuroscientist and author of the book "Awakening Your Ikigai" writes: make music, even when nobody is listening. Draw a picture, when nobody is watching. Write a short story that no one will read.

This will fill every moment of your life with inner joy and contentment.