Change deep limiting beliefs

I first heard about "Positive Intelligence" (PQ) from my mindfulness meditation teacher, Alisa, who has been leading our group for years. I know she is not the person to get involved with programs/methods unless they are legitimate and substantial.
I decided to take part because my life was out of balance, or rather, I was quite unhappy, felt trapped in my circumstances, friendships had become difficult and I didn't know how to turn this around.
Now, after only 3 weeks out of a total of 7 weeks, I am fascinated, surprised, sometimes challenged, sometimes happy. I am learning about my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings and my reactions. The exercises and teachings of the program have taken away the power and manipulation of the saboteurs. I feel such relief that I am able to change long-standing beliefs and habits to live my life without stress and unhappiness.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful and nurturing PQ program.

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