Lasting change

For me, this program is the first concept with which change can really succeed and be implemented permanently in everyday life. Although I was familiar with the individual "components" of the program for professional reasons (mindfulness, self-compassion, stress patterns, neuroscientific background), the combination of everything made an amazing process possible for me. The daily support via the PQ app with the 2min exercises plus the respective encouraging feedback, the helpful and loving support through the weekly coaching sessions in the group with Alisa and the explanatory Saturday videos by Shirzad Chamine are easy to integrate into everyday life. And I increasingly enjoyed doing more than just what was necessary.

It was gratifying to better recognize and classify my saboteurs and to use my Sage skills more consciously. It is helpful that the program is still available after the 6 weeks or that there is a further "Grow". I have been supported in this way for six months and I am now sure that I have "learned" it and won't fall back into old patterns. I love the freedom to play with the skills I have learned and the opportunity to apply these tools to all areas of life (stress, conflict, self-development, leadership, etc.). I can only recommend the program!

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