Calm & Control

After my initial skepticism that an app could put my thoughts on the right track, give me more serenity and calm, and reduce anxiety, I had a very pleasant and motivating conversation with Alisa, which convinced me. 
After a very short time after signing up, I was already immersed in the subject, knew my so-called "saboteurs" that were making me weak and got to know the strengthening, calm and serene so-called "sage". The course was embedded in a binding schedule, accompanied by weekly instructive video impulses, my familiar chat group and a weekly virtual meeting in which experiences and approaches were discussed openly. 
Mindfulness exercises were offered several times a day, which became an indispensable partner for me in learning to be more calm, more relaxed and more confident.
They playfully appeal to all the different senses, such as hearing, touching, seeing and breathing. I can schedule the training sessions and use them where and when I want or need them. 
Even after completing the 6-week course, these exercises, like the entire app, remain accessible. Every evening there is a self-reflection that invites you to answer a few questions about what you have learned. 
Personally, I have learned that PQ Reps strengthen my power, reorganize my mind and how to retrieve my thoughts when they wander and scent unnecessary dangers and cause unrest.
The course is highly recommended, fun, extremely entertaining, very instructive and easy to put into practice immediately.

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